n0nx0x2n0nx0x2 Tempo Correction


Sampling Rate (Hz)

Number of Beats (measured)

Number of Samples (measured)

Result (BPM):


Desired BPM

Correction Coefficient:



How to measure the BPM:


Make sure the Tempo Correction is set to zero!

Switch to SETTINGS mode, hold the TEMPO button, press FUNCTION, press the digit button 0, and release the TEMPO button.

Program a simple pattern which will make it easier to measure the tempo:

Pattern Length

4 steps

Step Mode



G - - -



This pattern basically has one high-pitched note in the beginning of a beat, which will repeat.

  1. Set the tempo to 120.

  2. Play the pattern.

  3. Record the audio with a sound-editing program.

  4. Zoom-in on the recording, and find the beginning of the first "beep".
    tc 01

  5. From that "beep" select a total of 16.
    tc 02
    The end of the selection should be at the beginning of the 17th "beep".
    tc 03
    You should have selected 16 "beeps" with their silence "gaps" behind each.
    Now find the number of samples of the selected audio.
    tc 04

  6. Use the calculator above, fill-in the values.
    The calculator will display the calculated BPM and the Correction Coefficient.
    Ignore the fractional part.

Use the Correction Coefficient and set it.