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c0nb0x is a control application for the x0xb0x synthesizer.
It’s aim is to be an alternative to the original c0ntr0l application, which isn’t very stable some times.


c0nb0x_101_win32.zip (2MB)


c0nb0x_100_macosx.dmg (2MB)
v1.01 for OSX is not available yet


at the x0x forums

Source code is available under GPL from the Dev sub-page

Technical information about c0nb0x, source code & the x0xb0x Serial Protocol


c0nb0x 101 main

c0nb0x is written in messy C++ but works on windows and osx thanks to the allegro5 cross-platform library. With c0nb0x you can change the firmware of your x0xb0x via USB (it must have the bootloader).

c0nb0x 101 ctrl

You can also connect to the x0xb0x (while normally running the firmware) to backup/restore the whole pattern memory.

c0nb0x 101 pe

And you can use the internal pattern editor to edit/import/export individual patterns. The editor uses TB-303 pattern notation.

Quickstart video: