AS_XC3 is a win32 VST plugin (made with SynthEdit/SE_SDK2) which generates MIDI Clock Sync.

as xc3

Download (931KiB)
Win32 VST

  • Uses the VstTimeInfo TransportPlaying to start/stop.

  • MIDI_CLOCK messages are generated at all times (even when not playing).

  • Tempo is adjustable (zero means auto-BPM).

  • Adjustable shuffle (bipolar).

  • Shuffle divisions (16/8/4).

  • 12/24/48/96 clock ticks per quarter note.

Your DAW must support MIDI output from VST plugins, and not filter-out the MIDI Sync messages.
It’s possible to use this plugin as a master clock for external devices ;]
XC3 has no audio inputs or outputs.