as_SonoGx2 is a stereo sonogram (spectrograph).

image image

Download (2.1MiB)
(win32 vst2, standalone, standalone-Big)

Minimum system requirements
  • winXP

  • sound device with a stereo input source

  • CPU with SSE/SSE2

  • VST2.4 Host

It is not meant to:
  • display magnitude precisely like a spectroscope

  • have fixed overlap

  • have log frequency response and/or dense frequency resolution

  • be the best sonogram ever

Its main purposes are:
  • to show the two audio signals "one on one"

  • to make it uber visible when the two signals don’t match

  • to scroll fast

It’s most convenient if your soundcard has a "what you hear" (aka Stereo Mix) audio Input Source, which captures everything you hear.
This way you can use SonoGx2 while playing music in your favourite media player, or sounds from the browser (youtube, soundcloud, etc..) to "see" how they look like.
Use the DirectSound driver in those cases.


  1. Unzip the archive somewhere.

  2. Move the dll to your VstPlugins folder.

The standalone version creates a file "settings.ini" in your "appdata" directory (the exact location depends on the OS).

Known issues

  • The standalone program sometimes hangs/freezes when changing the audio settings.

  • The scrolling will be choppy when very big audio buffer lengths are used.


  • Two-channel real-time spectrograph

    • FFT size of 512, displayed as 257 pixels vertically (normal version)

    • FFT size of 1024, displayed as 513 pixels vertically (Standalone-Big version)

  • Linear frequency scale

  • Selectable display modes

  • Selectable FFT window type

  • Frequency (Y) marker (right-click) - shows the frequency of the highlighted bin

  • Time markers (X) - can be used to measure time durations on screen

  • Freeze function (left-click to toggle) - freezes the sonogram

  • Scroll (on/off)

  • Speed - sets the rate at which the sonogram "samples" (applies FFT) 100 to 2000 Hz

  • Gain - adjusts the gain for the sonogram display

  • Offset - shifts (delays) one of the channels on the display

More pictures

image Two signals which should be identical, the difference is visible

image The drum beat is mostly mono, and there’s a synth with some panning

image The green is when the two signals magnitude is equal, but there’s a difference in the phase

image Some "over-compressed EDM" tune

Older versions (763KiB) (win32 standalone)

Last update: 2016-12-4